Display Advertising

How I manage display advertising campaigns

At Breed Digital, I offer a comprehensive range of display advertising services, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. 

As an experienced British digital marketing freelancer, I utilise the latest tools and techniques to create and manage successful display campaigns across various formats, such as retargeting, mobile ads, native ads, video ads, rich media ads, HTML5 ads, interstitial ads, and banner ads. With my expertise and dedication, you can trust that your display advertising efforts are in capable hands.

The different kinds of display advertising

As a display advertising freelancer, I work across different types of display platforms and formats to help my clients achieve their marketing goals. Here is a breakdown of how I manage each platform:


Mobile Ads

  • Reach users on the go with mobile-optimised display advertising
  • Location-based targeting and engaging ad formats


An image showing digital display adverts

Native Ads

  • Seamlessly integrate advertisements with the user’s browsing experience
  • Non-disruptive, contextually relevant ads to boost engagement

Video Ads

  • Capture audience attention with compelling video content
  • Targeted placements across popular video platforms

Rich Media Ads

  • Interactive and engaging ad creatives to drive user interaction
  • Custom animations, expanding ad formats, and dynamic content


  • Cross-device compatibility and lightweight ad creatives
  • Enhanced user experience with responsive design

Interstitial Ads

  • Full-screen ad format to capture user attention
  • Strategic placements and timing to minimise disruption

Banner Ads

  • Eye-catching visuals and messaging to promote brand visibility
  • A/B testing and ongoing optimisation to maximise performance

My strategy for Display campaigns

Strategy Development

To ensure the success of your display advertising campaign, the first step is to develop a robust strategy. This involves gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives, target audience, and marketing goals. 

I will work closely with you to identify the most suitable display advertising formats and channels for your campaign, based on your specific needs and industry trends. By creating a tailored strategy, we can set a strong foundation for your display advertising efforts and maximise the impact of your campaigns.

Creative Design and Development

The effectiveness of your display advertising campaign relies heavily on the quality and relevance of your ad creatives. I will craft engaging ad creatives that resonate with your target audience, ensuring they are aligned with your brand guidelines and messaging. 

This involves designing visually appealing graphics, writing compelling ad copy, and incorporating interactive elements when appropriate. By developing captivating and relevant ad creatives, we can drive engagement and improve the performance of your display campaigns.

Somebody using both a laptop and a mobile phone online

Campaign Setup and Targeting

Once the strategy and ad creatives are in place, I will set up your display advertising campaign and implement precise targeting options. 

This includes demographic, geographic, and contextual targeting, as well as other advanced targeting methods to ensure your ads reach the right audience. Additionally, I will set up conversion tracking and other key performance indicators to measure the success of your campaign and inform future optimisation efforts.

Campaign Monitoring and Optimisation

To ensure the ongoing success of your display advertising campaign, I will continuously monitor ad performance and make data-driven adjustments as needed. 

This involves conducting A/B testing to identify the most effective ad creatives and targeting strategies, as well as analysing performance data to uncover opportunities for improvement. By actively optimising your display campaigns, I can help you achieve better results and maximise your return on investment.

Performance Reporting and Analysis

Transparency and clear communication are crucial to a successful partnership. I will provide regular reports on the performance of your display advertising campaigns, offering insights into key metrics and trends. This will allow you to track the progress of your campaigns and understand their impact on your business. 

Furthermore, I will analyse the results and identify opportunities for further improvement, ensuring your display advertising efforts continue to evolve and drive success.

My Display advertising experience

As a display advertising freelancer, I have extensive experience managing successful campaigns across a range of sectors. Whether it’s retail, ecommerce, brand, estate agents, new homes, B2B, lead generation, or small businesses, my approach is tailored to the unique needs of each sector.

Retail Stores

With extensive experience in running successful display advertising campaigns for retail stores, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector.

I have crafted targeted campaigns to boost in-store foot traffic, increase online visibility, and promote seasonal offers. By utilising engaging ad creatives and precise audience targeting, I have helped retail clients effectively reach potential customers and drive sales, both online and offline.

E-commerce Brands

In the highly competitive ecommerce landscape, I have a proven track record of creating and managing impactful display advertising campaigns for various ecommerce brands.

By leveraging different ad formats such as retargeting, video ads, and native ads, I have successfully driven website traffic, increased conversions, and improved brand awareness for my clients. Additionally, I have employed data-driven optimisation techniques to ensure campaigns remain relevant and effective throughout their lifecycle.

Brand Camapigns

For brand-focused campaigns, I have designed and executed display advertising strategies that focus on increasing brand visibility and recognition.

By crafting engaging ad creatives that reflect brand values and identity, I have successfully reached and resonated with target audiences across various sectors. My expertise in audience targeting and demographic insights has enabled me to create tailored campaigns that drive meaningful results for my clients.

Real Estate / New Homes

In the new homes and real estate sector, I have created targeted display advertising campaigns aimed at attracting potential homebuyers and generating leads.

By utilising compelling ad copy and visuals to showcase new properties and developments, I have effectively engaged with the desired audience and driven conversions. Furthermore, I have implemented conversion tracking and performance analysis to ensure campaigns remain on track and deliver a strong return on investment.

Small Businesses

Working with small businesses across various industries, I have developed tailored display advertising campaigns that drive local engagement and support growth.

By focusing on cost-effective strategies and precise targeting, I have helped small businesses maximise their limited budgets and achieve their marketing goals. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by small businesses, I have successfully implemented campaigns that resonate with local audiences and generate meaningful results.


In the B2B sector, I have managed display advertising campaigns with a focus on lead generation and audience targeting.

By crafting compelling ad creatives that communicate the unique selling points of B2B offerings, I have effectively engaged key decision-makers within target industries. My expertise in audience targeting and campaign optimisation has resulted in high-quality leads and a maximised return on ad spend for my B2B clients.

All Sectors

As a versatile digital marketing freelancer, I have the expertise and experience to manage display advertising campaigns across a wide range of sectors. My comprehensive understanding of industry-specific challenges, audience preferences, and market trends allows me to create tailored campaigns that drive success for businesses in various industries.

By staying up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, and best practices, I can adapt and optimise display campaigns to ensure they remain relevant and effective, regardless of the sector. With Breed Digital, you can trust that your display advertising efforts are managed by a skilled professional who understands the unique needs of your industry and is committed to delivering results that support your business goals.

What locations do I run Display campaigns?

As a display advertising specialist, I have experience working with clients across the UK and Europe

With Breed Digital, you can trust that your display advertising campaigns are managed by an expert with extensive experience across the UK and Europe. By understanding the unique needs and goals of businesses in various locations, I can deliver tailored and effective advertising solutions that drive growth and success. Get in touch today to discuss your display advertising management needs and discover how I can help your business thrive, no matter where you’re located.

How do I make it work?

Market Research: I conduct thorough research on each location’s unique market dynamics and customer behaviours to ensure campaigns are tailored to resonate with the target audience.

Location-Based Targeting: I utilise advanced targeting options to ensure ads reach the right audience in the right location, making the most of your advertising budget.

A map of UK and Europe

Localisation of Ad Creatives: I develop ad creatives that speak to the specific interests, needs, and preferences of the audience in each location, ensuring your message has maximum impact.

Regional Performance Analysis: I continuously monitor and analyse campaign performance across locations, making data-driven adjustments to maximise your return on investment.

Ongoing Support: As your business grows and expands into new markets, I will be there to provide ongoing support and expert guidance, ensuring your display advertising campaigns remain effective and targeted.

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